Is the West the Best?

THE U.S. WEST has experienced the greatest regional population growth by percentage and second greatest by number since 1900, with its 1900 population of 4.1 million increasing almost twenty-fold to about 76 million in 2015. More than half of this current population resides in the state of California, with a population topping 39 million, with the bulk of the other half residing in the states of Washington, 7.1 million; Arizona, 6.8 million; Colorado, 5.4 million; Oregon, 4.0 million; Utah, 2.9 million; and Nevada, 2.9 million. The remaining 6 percent of the West’s population can be found in New Mexico, 2.1 million; Idaho, 1.6 million; Hawaii, 1.4 million; Montana, 1 million; Alaska, 638,000; and in the nation’s least ...

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