Praise for Usable Usability

“A new look at the fundamental principles behind what makes stuff usable from Wise Reiss. And practical advice about how to go about it. This one is going onto my bookshelf.”

—SUSAN M. WEINSCHENK, PH.D., author of 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People and Neuro Web Design

“After reading this, you’ll wonder how so many products with flawed usability ever get to market, and be determined that nothing you are involved in makes the same mistakes again. Eric Reiss successfully distills an entire career’s worth of making things easier to use into a book packed full of practical tips and examples for novice designer and experienced practitioner alike.”

—MARTIN BELAM, Lead User Experience & Information Architect, Guardian News & Media

“Practical, easy to read, packed with a lifetime of experience, Usable Usability is guaranteed to make your product or web site easier to use.”

—GERRY MCGOVERN, author, Killer Web Content and The Stranger’s Long Neck

“The understanding of usability should not be confined to the design community—it has immense philosophical importance. Far too many things in modern life are conceived by and for the System Two brain, forgetting the fact that it is less-talkative System One brain which makes most of the decisions—and which generates the greater part of the pleasure and irritation produced by our experiences. Eric’s ...

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