Appendix A. Sample Project Template



We refer to our template as a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This does not reflect an all-encompassing SDLC. Many firms have more elaborate development processes and documentation. As with all recommendations in this book, this template should be used as a starting point that you should change to fit your needs.

Project Title

Software Development Life Cycle Project Template

Mission Statement

Software Development Life Cycle Summary

The intent of this document is to collect, define, and organize project details and requirements. The template is designed to be iterative, meaning that it will evolve over the life of the project.

The template includes the following key sections:

  1. Project Details: These include the summary of the project. They’re designed to collect the following information:

  2. Title: The title or codename of the project.

  3. Description: A summary defining the objective of the project.

  4. Stakeholders: Members who are involved with or have requested the project.

  5. Impact Assessment: The observed or intended impact of the project deliverable: Who will be affected by this project? How many users? What business processes will be changed as a result of this project?

  6. User Requirements: The requirements of the project, as specified by the user. The user requirements section includes a signature of agreement. As requirements evolve, many iterations of the user requirements sheet may be included.

  7. Specifications Sheet (Functional Requirements) ...

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