CHAPTER 12HOW TO NAVIGATE THE PLAYBOOK: Creating your own learning journey based on your intent

The most important part of this book is the Playbook, which is designed to help you drive business value. To navigate this part, understand its two components:

The first is the four pillars and the second are the plays that focus on different problems within each pillar.

Each play is created to help you mindfully navigate the solution to the problem of focus (framed as a “How do I …” statement), by understanding all the key variables that you will need.

The playbook is structured around four pillars:

  • Experience strategy: building and sustaining your organization’s focus on experience design;
  • User research insights: building and sustaining your organization’s empathy for its users;
  • Product thinking: building and sustaining your organization’s productization of great experiences;
  • Design doing: building and implementing high‐quality experience design.

Each pillar ends with the program play aimed at leadership personas so your team can effectively build, structure, and govern that program for long‐term sustainability.

This playbook is for everyone in the experience design ecosystem: the apprentice, the practitioner, the design leader, the business leader, and the collaborator. You’ll recognize yourself in one or more of them.

The first play you’ll read in the Playbook starts with ...

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