User Group Leadership

Book description

This book is about starting and sustaining a technology user group. User groups are a wonderful way to connect with local and like-minded professionals for networking and learning. All the forums and social media on the internet can’t replace face-to-face time spent discussing problems, upcoming technologies, and other pertinent topics. What every user group needs is leaders to organize meetings, find speakers, and connect the community.

What every leader needs is good advice and guidance on how to begin a group and nurture new leadership to keep the group sustainable, and Michelle Malcher provides just that right sort of guidance in her book on User Group Leadership. This book is designed to help you understand what goes into starting and building a user group, giving you the tools and resources to do so. Learn what to expect before your first meeting, in the first three months, and in the first year.

Malcher has experience from the local group level on up to the international level with the Independent Oracle User Group. If you’re involved in technology and are ready to take on a position of leadership by which to help others network, succeed, and grow, then grab a copy of this book. You won’t find a better source of guidance for starting and growing a new group on the technology of your choice.

  • Learn what to know before you ever have your first meeting
  • Prepare for each meeting with a list of things that should be done
  • Grow your local members into future leaders
  • Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Contents
    7. About the Author
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Foreword
    10. Chapter 1: Development of a User Group
      1. Reasons to Begin
        1. A Common Purpose
        2. A Common Problem
        3. A Common Need
        4. Culture
      2. Development
        1. Verify Other Groups
        2. Group Location
        3. Develop a Mission and Goal
        4. Research Possible Association Management
        5. Plan Vendor Sponsorship
      3. Summary
    11. Chapter 2: User Group Governance
      1. Boards
      2. Committees
      3. Leaders
      4. Succession Planning
      5. Summary
    12. Chapter 3: Building Leaders Volunteers
      1. Volunteer Activities
      2. Volunteer Engagement
      3. Leadership Strategies
      4. Leader Volunteers
      5. Summary
    13. Chapter 4: User Group Planning
      1. Events and Meetings
        1. Conferences
        2. Workshops
        3. Social Events
        4. Lunch and Learn
        5. Meet-Ups
      2. Networking Opportunities
      3. Social Media
      4. Virtual Meetings
      5. Summary
    14. Chapter 5: User Group Membership
      1. Providing Value to Members
        1. Membership Types
      2. More Satisfied Customers
      3. Opportunities to Learn
      4. Voice to Vendor
      5. Member to Volunteer
      6. Summary
    15. Chapter 6: Challenges
      1. Volunteers
      2. Priorities
      3. Independence
      4. Competition
      5. Events and Conferences
      6. Engagement
      7. Summary
    16. Chapter 7: Techie to Leader
      1. Examples of Leaders
      2. Technology Teaches Leadership Skills
        1. More Than One Way To Do Something
        2. Constantly Learning
        3. Need To Ask Questions
        4. Communication
        5. Making Decisions
      3. Why Not Both?
      4. Sharing Experiences
      5. Developing Soft Skills
      6. Summary
    17. Chapter 8: Career Development
      1. Learning
        1. How Do You Learn?
        2. User Group Education
      2. Skill Development
      3. Networking
        1. Advantage User Group
      4. Summary
    18. Chapter 9: Qualities of a User Group Leader
      1. What a User Group Leader Does
      2. Qualities Outlined
      3. Demonstrating Leadership
      4. Leader Volunteer to President
      5. Summary
    19. Chapter 10: Qualities of a User Group Volunteer
      1. What Does a User Group Volunteer Do?
      2. Member to Volunteer
      3. Qualities Outlined
      4. Is a Volunteer a Leader?
      5. Summary
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: User Group Leadership
    • Author(s): Michelle Malcher
    • Release date: January 2016
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781484211151