CHAPTER13Those PeskyUsability Tests

Many software companies have usability testing labs. Here's the theory behind a usability lab. (To those of you who have done tests in a usability lab before, I must ask that you please try to refrain from snickering and outright guffaws until I get to the end of the theory, please. I'll get to the reality soon enough.)

A Story of Silicon Jungle

One fine day, Eeny the Elephant is lumbering through the jungle when he hits upon a great idea. "Everybody tried B2C and that didn't work," thinks Eeny. "Then they tried B2B, and all those companies are in the dumpster, too! The answer is obvious: B2A!"

Eeny quickly raises $1.5 million in seed financing from a friendly group of largish birds who promise a mezzanine ...

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