3 The TSO/ISPF logon process

Before we can work with ISPF on our z/OS, we have to run through some steps:

1. We call the 3270 emulation software on our PC.

2. The 3270 emulation software connects to a Mainframe Session Manager.

3. The session manager offers some systems to which we have access.

4. We select a path to a TSO on that z/OS we want to logon.

5. The TSO start handler assembles the start job for our TSO user and submits it. The name of the start job is the TSO user ID. The JCL EXEC statement contains the name of the started task of the LOGON procedure. JES2 finds the task in one of the SYSPROC chains.

6. JES2 starts the logon job. The TSO processor IKJEFT01 is loaded.

7. TSO processes the logon procedure.

8. The logon procedure starts ...

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