4 Customize ISPF

I will show you in this chapter what to do to have a practicable ISPF for optimal use. I will go through the most important ISPF panels and give you my recommendations for the practical use of these panels.

4.1 Available 3270 screen formats

As I mentioned in the section 1.13 The 3270 screen on page 8, there are some possibilities how to customize the ISPF screen layout, as you like within the shown limits.

Available screen layouts:

Table 4.1: 3270 screen layout selection

Lines / screen Char. / line Remark
24 80 Standard layout
32 80 1. Enlargement
43 80 2. Enlargement
27 132 Special layout to display print output in SDSF

If you use HOD (host on demand) the options panel offers the possibility to select the screen ...

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