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D. BothUsing and Administering Linux: Volume 3https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5485-1_4

4. Name Services

David Both1 
Raleigh, NC, USA


In this chapter, you will learn:
  • To describe the structure and function of Domain Name Services (DNS)

  • How to test name services (DNS)

  • About the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)

  • How to use the client configuration files

  • How to set up a caching name server

  • How to configure the iptables firewall for DNS services

  • How to create a primary1 name server from a caching name server including both forward and reverse zones

  • How to use several types of records commonly found in zone files

Introducing Domain Name Services

Surfing the Web is fun and easy, but think what it would be like if you had to type ...

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