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Using Containers to Connect Your Go Code to Other Components

Book Description

Learn how to connect your Go application to containerized components, whether that includes third-party code, such as a database, or components of your own. With this report, author Liz Rice takes you through the basics of containers and orchestration, and shows you how to connect containers together in your local development environment.

You’ll also learn how to connect your Go application to other containerized components, even if your Go code itself is not running in a container. If you know how to build code into a container, and understand how to use the docker run command, you’re ready to get started.

This report covers:

  • Foundational concepts of containers, images, and orchestration
  • Advantages of images and orchestration, and how they affect you as a Go developer
  • How to create customized versions of standard images
  • Differences between a virtual machine and a container
  • Using docker-compose to connect multiple containers