Appendix B. Choosing the Right Modules

With over 10,000 modules to choose from, and more added every single day, finding the contributed module you need for a given task can be a daunting process. Throughout this book, we have endeavored to highlight and identify most of the “must-have” modules, particularly architectural modules that are commonly used to build Drupal websites. We’ve also endeavored to cover modules that have a proven track record and are likely to continue to be used to build sites.

However, each new website project has unique requirements that may be outside the scope of what this book has covered, and the landscape of available contributed projects is a constantly shifting space. Modules that were once critical building blocks may be abandoned or deprecated by superior alternatives, and new modules may come along that completely blow away anything else that came before them.

This appendix, therefore, attempts to highlight some of the best practices used by those “in the know” for evaluating and selecting the right module for the job. It’s important to keep in mind that no simple set of guidelines—these included—can tell you everything about a module. The important thing to remember is that evaluating modules carefully before you commit to them will help prevent unpleasant surprises down the road.

Finding Modules

The first step to choosing the right module for your needs is actually finding it. Fortunately, all Drupal modules (with only a few rare exceptions) are ...

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