CHAPTER 8Tools for Financial Modelling

In this chapter, we'll look at the basic, commonly used tools of hiding and grouping. We'll then cover some more advanced tools such as array formulas, goal seeking, PivotTables, and macros. Whilst the best financial models are the simplest and easiest to understand (and therefore often don't contain these complex tools), it's important that the financial modeller has a grasp on how to use these tools if functionality requires.


Being able to hide sections of a model is a very handy tool, especially when tidying up a model to conceal cells that are necessary for the model to work, but not necessary for the user to see. You can hide rows or columns in the model, or you can hide an entire sheet. If you have information in a model you don't want users to see (for example, unnecessary detail or a calculation that will only serve to distract from the model), you can hide the section of the model that contains the data.

Columns and Rows

It is possible to hide a column or row of data to stop it printing out, or to stop other people from viewing it.

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