About Me field (Basic Information), 23

abuse, reporting, 123

accepting friend requests, 59–60

access, accounts, managing, 111

Account Security setting (My Account), 44

accounts. 8 See also profiles

access, managing, 111

configuring, 43–44

information, managing and downloading, 42–44

privacy settings, changing, 111–113

search visibility, controlling, 114–115

signing up, 11–16

activating Facebook Mobile, 160–164

Activities and Interests section, 18, 37–39

Add a Caption option (Photo page), 140

Add a Project field (Work and Education), 30–31

Add More Photos option (Photo page), 140

adding friends, 45–46

adding pictures, profiles, 19–22

Address, City/Town, Zip, Neighborhood field (Contact Information), 41

administering groups, 193–199

administrators, ...

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