Using Google Apps

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Using Google Appsbrings you more than 40 video tutorials and audio sidebars detailing everything from using Google Docs as a replacement for Microsoft Word, to rocking Google Spreadsheets as a replacement for Microsoft Excel. You might not know it, but Google has created a veritable smorgasbord of  apps that you can use to do just about anything your daily life requires. Best of all, Google Apps are free! Topics covered include writing and editing Google Docs, using formulas and functions in Google Spreadsheets, formatting your presentations, collaborating with co-workers and family online, managing your calendar, using Google Gmail and Talk, and much, much more!

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Understanding Google Apps—and Web-Based Applications
    1. Show Me Media 1.1—A Quick Tour of Google Apps 00:04:22
    2. Tell Me More Media 1.2—Web-Based Applications vs. Traditional Software 00:04:50
  2. Chapter 2: Using the Google Docs Dashboard
    1. Show Me Media 2.1—A Quick Tour of the Google Docs Dashboard 00:01:47
    2. Show Me Media 2.2—Filtering Files 00:01:21
    3. Tell Me More Media 2.3—How Well Does Google Docs Work with Microsoft Office Files? 00:03:29
    4. Show Me Media 2.4—Importing Files 00:01:41
  3. Chapter 3: Using Google Docs
    1. Tell Me More Media 3.1—Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office 00:06:17
    2. Show Me Media 3.2—Writing and Editing a Document 00:01:58
    3. Show Me Media 3.3—Formatting Text 00:02:13
    4. Show Me Media 3.4—Inserting Images 00:01:28
  4. Chapter 4: Using Google Spreadsheets
    1. Show Me Media 4.1—Navigating Google Spreadsheets 00:02:45
    2. Show Me Media 4.2—Entering Data 00:00:56
    3. Show Me Media 4.3—Entering Formulas and Functions 00:04:08
    4. Show Me Media 4.4—Creating a Chart 00:03:50
    5. Tell Me More Media 4.5—Understanding Gadgets 00:02:18
  5. Chapter 5: Using Google Presentations
    1. Tell Me More Media 5.1—Pros and Cons of Google Presentations 00:05:29
    2. Show Me Media 5.2—Working with Slides 00:01:57
    3. Show Me Media 5.3—Formatting a Presentation 00:02:17
    4. Show Me Media 5.4—Giving a Presentation 00:02:00
  6. Chapter 6: Collaborating with Google Docs
    1. Tell Me More Media 6.1—The Benefits of Web-Based Collaboration 00:04:06
    2. Show Me Media 6.2—Preparing a Document for Group Editing 00:01:21
    3. Show Me Media 6.3—Making a Document Public 00:00:57
  7. Chapter 7: Using Google Calendar
    1. Tell Me More Media 7.1—The Benefits of Web-Based Calendars 00:01:49
    2. Show Me Media 7.2—Displaying Calendar Views 00:01:12
    3. Show Me Media 7.3—Entering Calendar Events 00:02:13
    4. Show Me Media 7.4—Entering Tasks 00:01:14
  8. Chapter 8: Using Gmail
    1. Tell Me More Media 8.1—Web-Based Email vs. Traditional POP Email 00:02:36
    2. Show Me Media 8.2—A Quick Tour of Gmail 00:02:03
    3. Show Me Media 8.3—Reading and Replying to Messages 00:01:23
    4. Show Me Media 8.4—Organizing Email Messages 00:01:56
  9. Chapter 9: Using Google Talk
    1. Tell Me More Media 9.1—The Pros and Cons of Google Talk 00:02:54
    2. Show Me Media 9.2—Conducting a Google Talk Session 00:01:49
    3. Show Me Media 9.3—Managing Your Google Talk Contacts 00:01:25
    4. Show Me Media 9.4—Using Google Talk in Gmail 00:02:05
  10. Chapter 10: Using the Google Chrome Browser
    1. Tell Me More Media 10.1—Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 00:04:18
    2. Show Me Media 10.2—A Quick Tour of Google Chrome 00:02:21
    3. Show Me Media 10.3—Working Without Tabs 00:01:00
    4. Show Me Media 10.4—Managing Bookmarks 00:02:21
    5. Show Me Media 10.5—Using Chrome with Google Apps 00:01:37
  11. Chapter 11: Using Google Apps Offline with Google Gears
    1. Tell Me More Media 11.1—The Downside of Working in the Cloud 00:03:58
  12. Chapter 12: Managing Google Apps in the Enterprise
    1. Tell Me More Media 12.1—Examining Google Apps Premier Edition 00:03:40
    2. Tell Me More Media 12.2—Does Google Apps Make Sense for Your Organization? 00:05:47

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  • Title: Using Google Apps
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132377973