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Chapter 18. Using Debug Tool under UNIX
System Services
This chapter provides a small example of compiling for and using Debug Tool in the UNIX
System Services (USS) environment. Enterprise PL/I, Enterprise COBOL, and all C/C++
compilers shipped with the operating system support compilation under the UNIX system
services shell. At this time, the example will be a C/C++ DLL example. It can be used to show
the required steps.
We do not go into debugging the application. We discuss compilation, invoking Debug Tool in
this environment, and some restrictions on what can be done.
Conventions used
For the purposes of this chapter, all examples use product provided utilities and we assume
they are properly customized. It is also assumed that Debug Tool is available in linklist.
If Debug Tool is not available in linklist, you must set up the appropriate STEPLIB prior to
trying these examples.

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