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Chapter 6. Scenario: WebSphere
Message Broker acting as a
transaction manager
In the scenario presented in this chapter, we demonstrate the following concepts:
򐂰 XA transaction management in a mediation
The message flow performs a globally coordinated XA transaction taking a
single message and routing it to two WebSphere MQ JMS providers, that is
queue managers.
򐂰 Connectivity using an MQ JMS binding
WebSphere Process Server uses an import component with an MQ JMS
binding to send a Java Message Service (JMS) message to WebSphere
Message Broker. WebSphere Message Broker uses a JMSInput node to
receive the message from a queue.
򐂰 Request-reply interaction pattern
A request is sent from WebSphere Process Server to WebSphere Message
Broker. Depending on the outcome of the transaction, a status message is
sent back to WebSphere Process Server.

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