© Remi Gicquel, Paul-André Lambert  2020
R. Gicquel, P.-A. LambertUsing Installed Base Selling to Maximize Revenuehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5146-1_2

2. Winning with Installed Base Selling

From sales strategy to sales tactics
Remi Gicquel1  and Paul-André Lambert2
CORENC, France
Bierges, Belgium

In order to pivot from traditional business models to “the new one” and to unlock the installed base selling growth potential, we need interwoven sales strategy and tactics. In this chapter we will explain how successful companies like Nestlé weave together sales strategy to sales tactics and what are the questions to ask to structure the sales tactics to the three fundamental installed base selling sales motions: protect, expand, and hunt.

Nespresso’s ...

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