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Using Interfaces and Mocks in Go

Video Description

A reliable and comprehensive test suite for your applications isn’t a luxury anymore—it’s a requirement. This course is the second in a series of "Testing in Go" programs that teach you how to test your Go applications to make sure what you ship works the first time. This course focuses specifically on using interfaces and mocks to make your code more testable by injecting dependencies.

  • Explore Go's interfaces as they relate to testing
  • Understand how to make your code more testable by injecting dependencies
  • Discover how to use Go's interfaces for dependency injection
  • Create mocks of your external dependencies and use them to make your unit tests more self-contained
  • Learn how to keep your code testable by organizing your packages by dependency

Brian Ketelsen is the founder of the Gopher Academy, the parent group that manages GopherCon, the Go programming language conference. A prolific open source enthusiast, he has contributed to many of Go's largest projects, including Docker, Kubernetes, etcd, SkyDNS, Kong, Go-Kit, and Goa. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from American InterContinental University.