Appendix C. Choosing the Right Extensions

It has been said that cooks are only as good as the ingredients that they use. We’re not so bold to say that your website is only as good as the extensions you use, but if you use the wrong extensions, you may set yourself up for heartache later.

Which Extension Is Right for Me?

When choosing extensions, there are many questions to ask yourself. This chapter will go through some of those questions.

What Do I Want the Extension to Do?

There are thousands of extensions for Joomla. Chances are that an extension already exists to do what you are looking for. Getting a clear idea of what you want the extension to do will make your search a whole lot easier.

You should first look at the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). Categories are broken out logically. Most categories have subcategories that focus on specific needs.

New in Joomla 3.x, you can access and install some extensions from the backend of Joomla. This does not replace the need to take the steps in the rest of this chapter before installing an extension. Any extension installed needs to be maintained. Only use extensions that you need. Uninstall extensions not in use.

If your requirements for an extension are very specific and there is nothing already developed that meets your needs, you may need to hire a programmer to write the extension for you. This may be from scratch or using another extension as a starting point.

What Do Others Say About the Extension?

One of the great features of the ...

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