Article Parameters

Article parameters are divided into three parts: Global, Advanced, and Basic. The Basic Parameters and Advanced Parameters are located in the Article Editor, while the Global Article Parameters are located in the Article Manager.

Article Parameters Hierarchy

The display of an article on your Joomla website is controlled by three sets of parameters: Advanced Article Parameters, Menu Article Parameters (see Chapter 7), and Global Article Parameters. In many cases, the same parameter can be specified for the article, menu item, and in the global parameters. A specific cascading hierarchy is used to determine which parameters are actually used when an article is displayed.

Basic Article Parameters and Advanced Article Parameters

These parameters will override both the Menu Item and Global Parameters and they are located in the individual articles. Go to the Article Manager and click the article title to open the article for editing. Find the settings in the right column under Parameters (Article) and Parameters (Advanced).

Menu Article Parameters

These parameters will override the Global Parameters and they’re located in the Parameters (Component) section of individual article menu items (pointing to articles). They can be adjusted by going to Menus in the top menu and choosing the menu that contains the menu item you want to edit. Then click the name of the menu item in the Menu Item Manager to open it for editing. See Chapter 7 for more information on setting up Menu ...

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