Using Mac OS X Lion

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This book delivers you a state-of-the-art, customized Mac OS X learning experience. It integrates outstanding step-by-step guidance and real-life examples with easy-to-use online content - including how-to screencasts, instructor videos, podcasts, and more. Leading computer trainer Yvonne Johnson covers everything you'll want to know and do with the latest version of Mac OS X. What's more, she carefully explains the "why" as well as the "how," so you can understand more and get productive faster. Whether you're a Mac OS X beginner or intermediate, Johnson walks you through all this, and more:: " Getting comfortable with the latest version of Mac OS X, tailoring the desktop, and managing files and applications " Making the most of Mac OS X web and productivity applications, including Safari, Mail, iCal, and Address Book " Using the Mac's easy, powerful creativity tools, including iPhoto and iMovie " Keeping Macs safe and up-to-date If you're a beginner, this book's easy step-by-step instructions give you a solid foundation for using the latest version of Mac OS X, and its tightly-linked online content expands on these basics - offering bonus practical advice, tips, suggestions, activities, and advanced techniques.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Initializing a New Computer
    1. Show Me Media 1.1—A Video about Setting the Language Preferences 00:01:41
    2. Show Me Media 1.2—A Video about Selecting a Language for the Keyboard 00:02:08
  2. Chapter 2: Upgrading to Lion
    1. Tell Me More Media 2.1—A Recording about the iCloud 00:03:41
  3. Chapter 3: Setting Up User Accounts and Installing Hardware
    1. Show Me Media 3.1—A Video about Changing Your User Account Password 00:04:58
    2. Tell Me More Media 3.2—A discussion about Creating Strong Passwords 00:01:40
    3. Show Me Media 3.3—A Video about Creating a User Account 00:02:26
    4. Show Me Media 3.4—A Video about Creating an Ad Hoc Network 00:05:16
  4. Chapter 4: Getting Comfortable with Lion
    1. Show Me Media 4.1—A Video about Using Menus 00:04:23
    2. Show Me Media 4.2—A Video about Using Stacks 00:03:42
    3. Tell Me More Media 4.3—An Audio Recording about Calibrating a Laptop Battery 00:02:34
    4. Show Me Media 4.4—A Video about Turning Your Computer Off 00:02:34
  5. Chapter 5: Managing Your Hardware
    1. Show Me Media 5.1—A Video about Getting System Information 00:01:27
    2. Show Me Media 5.2—A Video about Setting Sound Effects Preferences 00:02:14
    3. Show Me Media 5.3—A Video about Setting Magic Mouse Preferences 00:02:35
    4. Tell Me More Media 5.4—A Discussion of AppleScript 00:04:06
  6. Chapter 6: Customizing the Desktop
    1. Tell Me More Media 6.1—A Discussion about Creating Neutral Space in a Photo 00:02:17
    2. Show Me Media 6.2—A Video about Adding an Alias to the Desktop 00:01:48
    3. Show Me Media 6.3—A Video about Customizing Desktop Icons 00:02:35
    4. Show Me Media 6.4—A Video about Announcing the Time 00:01:53
  7. Chapter 7: Using Finder
    1. Show Me Media 7.1—A Video about Adding the Eject Button to the Menu Bar 00:02:10
    2. Tell Me More Media 7.2—A Recording about the Folders You Might Need on Your Hard Drive 00:04:57
    3. Show Me Media 7.3—A Video about Creating a Smart Folder 00:05:28
    4. Show Me Media 7.4—A Video about Adding Spotlight Comments to Files 00:01:45
    5. Show Me Media 7.5—A Video about Moving Files by Dragging 00:02:01
  8. Chapter 8: Managing Applications
    1. Show Me Media 8.1—A Video about Creating a Folder in Launchpad 00:02:00
    2. Show Me Media 8.2—A Video about Browsing Versions 00:03:38
    3. Tell Me More Media 8.3—A Discussion about Contrasting Two Methods for Minimizing Windows 00:03:32
    4. Show Me Media 8.4—A Video about Creating Spaces 00:03:47
    5. Show Me Media 8.5—A Video about Adding Applications to a Space 00:05:58
  9. Chapter 9: Browsing the Web
    1. Tell Me More Media 9.1—A Discussion about Setting Safari Preferences 00:05:18
    2. Show Me Media 9.2—A Video about Customizing Top Sites 00:03:26
    3. Show Me Media 9.3—A Video about Setting Parental Controls for Web Use 00:02:22
    4. Show Me Media 9.4—A Video about Creating a Bookmark Folder 00:02:20
    5. Show Me Media 9.5—A Video about Setting Auto-Click in Safari 00:01:49
  10. Chapter 10: Using the Address Book and iCal
    1. Show Me Media 10.1—A Video about Creating a New Address Card 00:04:37
    2. Show Me Media 10.2—A Video about Editing the Address Card Template 00:04:08
    3. Tell Me More Media 10.3—A Discussion about Publishing a Calendar to the Web 00:01:41
    4. Show Me Media 10.4—A Video about Setting Event Alerts 00:02:38
    5. Show Me Media 10.5—A Video about Creating a Reminder 00:02:24
  11. Chapter 11: Using Mac Mail
    1. Tell Me More Media 11.1—A Discussion about Special Uses for the Bcc Field 00:02:08
    2. Show Me Media 11.2—A Video about Searching for Emails And Creating Smart Mailboxes 00:03:20
    3. Show Me Media 11.3—A Video about Customizing the Mail Toolbar 00:01:52
    4. Show Me Media 11.4—A Video about Setting Parental Controls for Email 00:02:21
  12. Chapter 12: Using iChat and FaceTime
    1. Show Me Media 12.1—A Video about Adding a Buddy 00:01:15
    2. Show Me Media 12.2—A Video about Creating Or Deleting a Status Description 00:01:22
    3. Show Me Media 12.3—A Video about Using Graphics in Buddy Accounts 00:01:30
  13. Chapter 13: Using TextEdit
    1. Show Me Media 13.1—A Video about Using the Spelling And Grammar Checker 00:01:55
    2. Show Me Media 13.2—A Video about Finding And Replacing Text 00:02:12
    3. Tell Me More Media 13.3—A Discussion about Using Paragraph Spacing 00:03:14
    4. Show Me Media 13.4—A Video about Creating a Table 00:04:50
  14. Chapter 14: Using Widgets and Other Applications
    1. Tell Me More Media 14.1—A Discussion about Exploring Default Widgets 00:03:47
    2. Show Me Media 14.2—A Video about Clipping a Widget From the Web 00:03:24
    3. Show Me Media 14.3—A Video about Drawing Shapes in Preview 00:01:44
    4. Show Me Media 14.4—A Video about Saving Or Deleting a Note 00:01:49
  15. Chapter 15: Using System Utilities
    1. Show Me Media 15.1—A Video about Erasing Disks 00:03:07
    2. Show Me Media 15.2—A Video about Copying Disks 00:02:48
    3. Show Me Media 15.3—A Video about Capturing Screen Images 00:05:24
    4. Tell Me More Media 15.4—A Recording about a Terminal Command to Control Copying Email 00:01:00
  16. Chapter 16: Keeping Your Mac Safe, Updated, and Backed Up
    1. Show Me Media 16.1—A Video about Encrypting Data 00:03:21
    2. Tell Me More Media 16.2—A Discussion about Signed Certificates 00:03:09
    3. Tell Me More Media 16.3—A Discussion about Using the Keychain 00:03:09
    4. Show Me Media 16.4—A Video about Restoring a File With Time Machine 00:02:30
  17. Chapter 17: Having Fun
    1. Show Me Media 17.1—A Video about Trimming a Movie 00:02:06
    2. Show Me Media 17.2—A Video about Splitting a Movie Into Clips 00:01:51
    3. Tell Me More Media 17.3—A Discussion about Video Resolution and File Size 00:04:56
    4. Show Me Media 17.4—A Video about Importing Music 00:01:50
  18. Appendix A: Making Use of Support Resources
    1. Show Me Media A.1—A Video about Searching a Help Article 00:01:14
    2. Show Me Media A.2—A Video about Using Help Bookmarks 00:02:19
    3. Tell Me More Media A.3—A Discussion about Boolean Operators 00:03:39

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  • Title: Using Mac OS X Lion
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132819107