Installing the Server Software

Once the server’s name and IP address are properly configured and the server isn’t going to go to sleep at just the moment when you need to transfer that one big file for the day, it’s time to install the server software. To do so, open the App Store and search for Lion Server. Click on OS X Lion Server and purchase the app.

Once the Server app is installed, it will appear in the Dock. The next step is to install the components. To do so, open the Server app from the Applications folder. When opened for the first time, Server prompts you to install the components. Click on Install to complete the OS X Server installation.

Once the components are installed, install the Server Admin tools, available on the Apple website at The tools will download as a standard Apple package. Run the installer, selecting the default options until the package installation is complete.


In some cases, you won’t actually need the Server Admin tools, but they are great for troubleshooting and many services do require them, so they should be installed as a part of the initial Lion Server setup process.

Completing Installation Tasks

Once the Server app, its components, and the Server Admin tools are installed, you have a fully functioning server. You can then start services, configure roles that the server will fill, and use the server. But before you begin in earnest, first let’s check some settings and finish some configuration options before ...

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