Setting Up a Wiki

A wiki is a web page that users create and edit collaboratively. The wiki server in Lion Server can be used to provide a centralized, guided means of accessing content on a server. For example, a teacher may allow students to upload assignments to a wiki, a company may use a wiki to house standard operating procedures, or a family may use a wiki to collaborate on their next daunting trip to the grocery store.

The best-known example of a wiki is Wikipedia, where global collaborators have built and continue to expand on what amounts to probably the largest and most comprehensive repository of encyclopedia-style knowledge. Articles are indexed, searchable, and freely editable from anywhere in the world. While most wikis aren’t quite as prolific, I certainly hope that yours will be equally as successful, whatever task you assign to it.

To start using Lion Server’s Wiki service, first turn it on. Assuming you are already using the web server, open the Server application to do so. From Server, click on the Wiki service, listed in the SERVICES section of the Server sidebar. Then, click on the field for “Wikis can be created by.” Here, there are two options: “all users” and “only some users.” The “all users” option allows any user of the server to create a new wiki article.

Enabling the wikis

Figure 5-2. Enabling the wikis

Once you have selected the appropriate settings for who can create a wiki, ...

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