There are a number of books on how to make great podcasts. They mostly involve the content and the format of the podcast. Few involve the technical implications of podcasting. Here, we’re not going to look at much regarding how to make a good podcast. Instead, we’ll give a few more technical tips and then quickly move on to making your first podcast:

  • Do not have an introduction clip for each episode that is longer than the body of the episode. This tends to bug people as they watch each episode.

  • The better the camera, the better the podcast will look. For testing things out, the built-in camera on Apple computers is a great tool to use. However, for long term podcasting, consider getting a nice camera (especially if you end up with a lot of viewers).

  • Define the audience. Think about who will be watching your podcasts. This helps you speak more directly to the desired target audience.

  • Use an outline. Just like writing a paper, first start with an outline. Define what you want to say and how you want to say it. You can go so far as to build an entire script, just try not to make it look overly rehearsed if you’re reading a script.

  • Rehearse. When you make podcasts in Podcast Producer, you can try over and over until you get it just right. Watching yourself speak, listening to your own inflections, and watching yourself follow along with your outline will help immensely.

  • Have fun. People like to see others having fun. So feel free to throw out all of the previous bullets if they ...

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