Chapter 8. Managing Apple Computers and iOS Devices

Lion Server has three features used to centrally manage Mac OS X and iOS-based devices. Traditionally, the most common feature used is Managed Preferences, an extension to Open Directory that allows administrators to control settings, or preferences, on Mac OS X-based computers. In Lion, a new feature, called Profile Manager is included.

Profile Manager is the future of managed clients for Mac OS X and iOS-based devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). Profile Manager provides an enrollment system for Mobile Device Management, allowing administrators to remotely control settings, such as controlling the dock, locking down application access, and setting up policies for device access. Profile Manager also allows administrators and users to lock or wipe devices in the event they fall outside the control of the organization (e.g., they are lost or stolen).

Additionally, Lion Server includes Software Update Server for Mac OS X clients. Software Update Server is a tool used to cache software updates. Once cached, administrators of Lion Servers can choose which updates to send to client computers. Having a centralized update server can be an extremely useful tool. Not only does the software cache help keep all users running the same version of the operating system, but the shared cache also reduces wasted bandwidth on the organization’s Internet connection by hosting updates inside the network.

In this chapter, we will look at each of these, ...

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