Using Microsoft® Office Live

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Office Live provides a centralized online portal for businesses to help bring people, key-business data, business applications, and devices together in one area. It is designed for small and growing companies to use the Internet to improve their businesses, including improving in-house communications, extending communications with customers and clients, tracking website usage, providing a centralized server for sharing documents, and tracking calendar events.

If you are part of a small and growing business and need a powerful Web service, Office Live is the perfect solution for you. Most small businesses don't have dedicated IT staff to rely on, and Office Live allows you to host your website and have the flexibility to customize it without a large learning curve or computing downtime.

Office Live offers the following key business capabilities and functions:

  • Website domain name

  • Website builder tools, including the Site Designer, Page Editor, and Image Gallery

  • Email accounts and management

  • Dashboards, which provide customized views of specific data such as the prebuilt company and personal calendars

  • Collaboration tools

  • Business applications, including more than 20 tools such as project management and customer contact management tools

  • Site reports

  • Using Office Live, your company can set up a website that allows employees and customers to perform daily tasks. For instance, employees can access company email from anywhere–onsite, offsite, at a client's office, or at home–using the Office Live member area.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1         Introduction to Office Live

    Section 2         Create a Public Website

    Section 3         Using Office Live Business Applications

    Section 4         Store and Share Information Using Office Live Shared Sites

    Section 5         Manage Communications Using Office Live

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    • Title: Using Microsoft® Office Live
    • Author(s): Rob Tidrow
    • Release date: November 2006
    • Publisher(s): Que
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