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Using Microsoft Publisher 2010

Video Description

Using Microsoft Publisher 2010brings you over 45 media elements detailing everything from working with visual elements and using design and layouts to printing your documents and publishing your creations online. Watching this media is the fastest way to get comfortable with the newest version of Microsoft Publisher. Topics covered include using grid and ruler guides, working with fonts, creating 3D shapes, creating a calendar and other projects, using WordArt, creating master pages, importing Word documents and spreadsheets, formatting tables and cells, adding metadata, using spot color, creating a website, performing a mail merge, creating custom envelopes, and much, much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Publisher 2010
    1. SHOW ME Media 1.1—Installing Microsoft Office 2010 00:02:59
    2. SHOW ME Media 1.2—Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2010 00:01:07
    3. TELL ME MORE Media 1.3—How Different Is Publisher 2010 from Publisher 2007? 00:01:53
  2. Chapter 2: Getting Started with Publisher 2010
    1. SHOW ME Media 2.1—Creating a New Document 00:00:42
    2. SHOW ME Media 2.2—Grid Guides 00:02:28
    3. SHOW ME Media 2.3—Using Ruler Guides 00:02:15
    4. SHOW ME Media 2.4—Creating a Document from a Template 00:02:26
    5. SHOW ME Media 2.5—Saving Your Document 00:02:05
    6. TELL ME MORE Media 2.6—Do You Really Need Guides and Rullers? 00:01:31
  3. Chapter 3: Working with Visual Elements
    1. SHOW ME Media 3.1—Creating a Text Box 00:01:17
    2. SHOW ME Media 3.2—Working with Fonts 00:03:07
    3. SHOW ME Media 3.3—Picture Styles and Shapes 00:02:11
    4. SHOW ME Media 3.4—Fill Effects 00:03:24
    5. SHOW ME Media 3.5—Creating 3-D Shapes 00:02:56
    6. TELL ME MORE Media 3.6—Avoiding Visual Element Overkill 00:01:31
  4. Chapter 4: Designs and Layouts
    1. SHOW ME Media 4.1—Creating a Calendar 00:02:40
    2. SHOW ME Media 4.2—Creating a Postcard 00:02:43
    3. SHOW ME Media 4.3—Creating a Custom Color Scheme 00:01:46
    4. SHOW ME Media 4.4—Using WordArt 00:02:36
    5. TELL ME MORE Media 4.5—More Design Ideas 00:02:26
  5. Chapter 5: Working with Longer Documents
    1. SHOW ME Media 5.1—Linking Text Boxes 00:02:49
    2. SHOW ME Media 5.2—Creating Master Pages 00:02:25
    3. SHOW ME Media 5.3—Importing Word Documents 00:04:04
    4. SHOW ME Media 5.4—Text Wrapping 00:02:03
    5. TELL ME MORE Media 5.5—Keeping Large Documents Reasonable 00:03:11
  6. Chapter 6: Tables
    1. SHOW ME Media 6.1—Creating a Table 00:00:55
    2. SHOW ME Media 6.2—Formatting Tables and Cells 00:02:35
    3. SHOW ME Media 6.3—Importing Spreadsheets 00:01:37
    4. SHOW ME Media 6.4—Creating a Chart 00:03:12
    5. TELL ME MORE Media 6.5—The Practicality of Using Spreadsheet Data in Publisher 00:02:20
  7. Chapter 7: Finalizing Your Publisher Document
    1. SHOW ME Media 7.1—Adjusting Design Elements 00:03:04
    2. SHOW ME Media 7.2—Adding Metadata 00:02:42
    3. SHOW ME Media 7.3—Adding Business Information 00:02:58
    4. SHOW ME Media 7.4—Design Checking 00:02:07
    5. TELL ME MORE Media 7.5—Final Thoughts on the Design Checker 00:03:10
  8. Chapter 8: Printing Your Documents
    1. SHOW ME Media 8.1—Choosing a Color Model 00:01:02
    2. SHOW ME Media 8.2—Using Spot Color 00:01:25
    3. SHOW ME Media 8.3—Using the Pack and Go Wizard 00:01:58
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 8.4—Considerations for Commercial Printing 00:02:45
  9. Chapter 9: Publishing Online
    1. SHOW ME Media 9.1—Creating a Simple Website 00:01:22
    2. SHOW ME Media 9.2—Adding Elements to a Web Page 00:03:20
    3. SHOW ME Media 9.3—Creating a Full-Blown Website 00:04:49
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 9.4—Your Options for Web Development 00:02:19
  10. Chapter 10: Bulk Mailing Techniques
    1. SHOW ME Media 10.1—Filtering 00:02:16
    2. SHOW ME Media 10.2—A Basic Mail Merge 00:03:01
    3. SHOW ME Media 10.3—E-mail Merge 00:02:08
    4. TELL ME MORE Media 10.4—The Importance of Reviewing Your Documents Before Merging Business Data 00:02:34