Chapter 1. Introducing Visio 2010

In this chapter, you learn about Visio’s exciting versatility and capabilities. You create your first basic flowchart, see what features are new in Visio 2010, and learn the differences between the three editions of Visio 2010. You learn how to navigate Visio’s user interface and some essential shortcuts for working more quickly.

What Is Visio?

Did a box or DVD inscribed with “Visio 2010” just land on your desk? If so, you may be wondering, “What is Visio?”

If you ask around, you’re likely to get short, quick answers—all of them different.

The responses I hear often go like this:

“It’s a flow-charter!”

“Visio? Oh, that’s a network diagramming tool.”

“We use it for org charts.”

All these answers are correct, but ...

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