Chapter 16. Moodle Administration

If you are the site administrator for your Moodle installation, there are a lot of options at your fingertips. Most of the time, the default settings that come with your Moodle installation will work well. But there are a lot of options for customization and performance that can make your version of Moodle work exactly as you’d like.

The role of system administrator can be challenging, even if you’re just administering your own site. You are responsible for keeping the system up and running.


The configuration settings in Moodle affect the basic functionality of the site. There are eight areas in the configuration menu: variables, settings, themes, module settings, blocks, filters, backup, and editor settings. Each of these areas affects the functioning of your Moodle site in different ways.

Site Variables

Site variables are settings that determine how your entire Moodle site functions. The site variables are the most technical settings.

The variables fall into seven clusters.

Language/location variables


Sets the default language for the site. This setting can be overridden by users using the language menu or the setting in their personal profile.


Sets whether the language menu is displayed on the login page and the home page. If this is turned off, the only places where a user can change the language setting is in her user profile or in the course settings if she is a teacher.


If you want to limit the number of languages ...

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