Appendix D. Using Picasa to Create Wallpapers and Screensavers

Creating Wallpaper and Screensaver Images

Before you use a picture as wallpaper or a screensaver on your NOOKcolor or NOOK, you need to resize it to fit the dimensions of the reading screen. For the NOOKcolor, the wallpaper image needs to be at least 600×1024. However, if you want the scrolling wallpaper (where the image shifts slightly as you flip through the home pages), the size needs to be 768×1024.

For the NOOK, wallpaper images need to be 760 pixels high and 600 pixels wide, and screensaver images need to be 800 pixels high and 600 pixels wide. (Wallpaper images are 40 pixels shorter to provide room for the status bar at the top of the page.)


I use Google’s Picasa ( ...

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