Chapter 19. Reading Beyond Your NOOK

If you don’t have your NOOK handy, you can read items from your ebook library using the B&N NOOK apps. B&N provides a version of the NOOK application for your PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android device.


Technically, no Mac or Blackberry version of the NOOK app exists. The B&N eReader app, however, exists for both. This is basically an older version of the NOOK app with significantly fewer features.

If you want to have full functionality for a NOOK app on the Mac, you can use NOOKStudy for the Mac. Although it’s intended for textbooks, it is a fully functioning and feature-rich Mac ebook reading platform that is much better than the B&N eReader for the Mac and free. The NOOKStudy is covered in ...

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