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ThinkVantage™ Technologies bring your IBM® PCs one step closer to being
self-configured, self-optimizing, self-protecting, or self-healing, to help save you
time and money throughout the life of your systems. In short, ThinkVantage
Technologies let you focus your attention on your business, rather than on your
ThinkVantage Technologies are software tools designed to help customers drive
down IT support costs (in particular, the cost of a PC in managing and supporting
systems after its initial purchase), increase security and decrease the complexity
of today’s IT infrastructure.
This IBM Redbook will help you install, tailor and configure the IBM
ThinkVantage Technologies on IBM and OEM desktops.
This is Volume 1 of a two-volume set of ThinkVantage Technologies Redbooks™.
It describes how to create and deploy client systems. The second volume is
Using ThinkVantage Technologies Volume 2: Maintaining and Recovering Client
Systems, SG24-6060-03.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center.
xii Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
The team: Byron, John, Guy, Ive, David, Haakon, Eleanor
Byron Braswell is a Networking Professional at the International Technical
Support Organization, Raleigh Center. He received a bachelor’s degree in
Physics and a master’s degree in Computer Sciences from Texas A&M
University. He writes extensively in the areas of networking and host integration
software. Before joining the ITSO four years ago, Byron worked in IBM Learning
Services Development in networking education development.
Haakon Fosshaug is a Technical Advocate and a Technical Support Manager in
IBM PCD Norway. He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He
works with both presales and post-sales advanced technical questions regarding
ThinkVantage and IBM PC products. He has been working in IBM for five years
during which he has been extensively involved with helping customers use and
implement the ThinkVantage Technologies. His specialties include all the
ThinkVantage tools, especially computer security, networking and image
creation/distribution. He also has in-depth skills about technical support and
counseling on future PC platforms for customers.
Eleanor Howard is a Large Enterprise Field Technical Support Specialist and
has worked for IBM France for over six years. She covers France, Belgium and
Luxembourg. Her areas of expertise include providing pre-sales support for
ThinkCentre™, the IBM Desktop range, and IBM ThinkVantage tools, in
particular ImageUltra™ Builder. She also works hand in hand with IBM Global
Services to develop implementation services for customers around ThinkVantage

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