304 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
Figure 5-29 Details for Ethernet Location switching
This list is populated by the comment pop-up dialog window similar to the one
shown in Figure 5-30
Figure 5-30 location profile connections comment popup window
The comment window in Figure 5-30 allows you to add comments to each
connection profile. These comments will be added to the list in shown in
Figure 5-29 on page 304.
5.5.3 Global Settings...
The Global Settings tab allows you to configure settings that apply to all users of
the computer. To go to the Global Settings tab, click Options on the top menu bar
Chapter 5. IBM Access Connections 305
in the IBM Access Connections Connection Status window shown in Figure 5-26
on page 301. Then click Global Settings...
Figure 5-31 Options - Global Settings
򐂰 Allow all users of this system to switch to any existing location <default>
unchecked: If this option is checked, all users on the system will be able to
switch location profiles
򐂰 Show wireless status icon in task tray <default> checked: Removing the
check from the box will remove the wireless status icon from the Windows
task tray.
򐂰 Display the progress indicator window when a profile is being applied
<default> checked: The status progress windows will not be shown if this box
is unchecked.

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