126 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
2.20 Deploying images using ImageUltra Builder
Corporations can have multiple methods and requirements for deploying images.
Scenarios may include network deployment, CD media or an integration center
such as the IBM Imaging Technology Center. Only one method may be required,
all methods or a combination of several. It can be extremely labor intensive to try
to maintain, update and deploy these images every time a change is required.
ImageUltra Builder can help simplify and streamline this process.
The Deploy selection within ImageUltra Builder opens the Deploy Wizard. The
Deploy Wizard prompts you through the steps required to create a Network
Deployment Diskette, or stand-alone Distribution CDs. The deployment diskette
establishes a connection to the repository, provide an interface for selecting the
desired maps, and deploy the appropriate maps and modules to the appropriate
staging area (service partition, HPA, or network-staging folder). The stand-alone
Distribution CDs contain all of the required maps and modules to deploy them to
the target computer without using a network. A repository window must be open
before this selection can be made.
2.20.1 Creating an ImageUltra Builder boot diskette
To create a standard ImageUltra Builder network boot floppy for network or CD
1. Open the repository from where you will deploy.
Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 127
2. Click the Deploy button or click Tools
Deploy. You will see a window
similar to Figure 2-94.
Figure 2-94 ImageUltra Deploy Wizard Main window
3. Select your deployment method, network or from CD and click Next.
4. Select Yes I want to create my “ImageUltra deployment diskette” now
and click Next. All data on the disk will be overwritten in the next step.
5. Click the Create Diskette button to make the boot floppy.
128 Using ThinkVantage Technologies: Volume 1 Creating and Deploying Client Systems
6. The date will be written to the diskette, select Yes or No to create additional
copies and click Next. You will see a window similar to Figure 2-95.
Figure 2-95 Deploy Network Settings window
Depending on whether you chose to deploy via the network or CD, follow these
Via the network:
1. In the appropriate fields, enter your specific information, if applicable.
Location of the repository
Connect As:
User name
Password (if required)
TCP/IP address of the Server
Language and keyboard layout
Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 129
Keywords (allows only those maps with matching keywords to be selected
from the repository)
2. Click the Read button to review the current settings on the floppy disk, Click
the Write button if you edited the settings.
3. Click Next and Finish.
Via CD distribution:
1. Select the base map and driver map you wish to deploy and click Next.
Figure 2-96 Deploy CD Map Locations
2. Specify a directory to copy the CD layout files to and click Next. The
subdirectories will be named in sequence CD1, CD2, CD3, etc. You will then
copy the corresponding contents of the subdirectories to your CDs using your
CD creation software.
3. Select a CD size and click Create Image.
4. Click OK at the CDs were created successfully window and click Next.

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