Chapter 2. ImageUltra Builder 139
2.21 Using ImageUltra Builder and Symantec
DeployCenter together
The following sections include an overview of Symantec DeployCenter, as well
as a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool with ImageUltra Builder.
2.21.1 Overview of Symantec DeployCenter
Symantec DeployCenter Library provides you with proven solutions for system
deployment and migration. With Symantec DeployCenter Library, you can deploy
an exact image of a hard disk and deploy the image to multiple workstations.
Symantec DeployCenter Library includes the following tools for windows
deployment and managing image files.
The ImageCenter application uses SmartSector imaging to create an exact
image of a hard disk or partition. That exact image can then be used to deploy
Windows workstations, upgrade existing workstations, manage changing
desktop environments, and quickly and easily back up and restore hard drives.
With ImageCenter, you can create and restore a compressed image file of an
entire hard disk or individual partitions of a hard disk on a local drive, across a
network, or on a removable media device.
ImageCenter can be used to clone Windows 2000 and XP for installation on
other machines. When doing so, you must consider the Security Identifier (SID).
Improperly cloning a Windows 2000/XP workstation will result in your having
another machine with the same SID which causes 2000/XP system conflicts.
ImageCenter is compatible with Microsoft System Preparation Tool (SysPrep) to
resolve SID conflicts.
Image Explorer
Simplify management of your image files with Image Explorer. Working within a
single screen gives you total control of the image files you can access. You can
view image file contents, copy image files, copy partitions within files, restore
individual program and data files from the image, or add password protection to
image files. Image Explorer also provides description capabilities, so you can
easily identify individual image files and partitions.
Virtual Boot Environment a.k.a Virtual Floppy
The Virtual Boot Environment (VBE) allows DOS programs to execute from the
hard drive on Windows 9X, Me, NT, 2000 and XP platforms as though they were
running from a boot floppy. The VBE can be sent to a particular system remotely,

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