Chapter 5

Base Network Security

Information in this chapter:

• Firewall

• Interface-Based Rules

• Building Blocks of a Rule

- Address Objects

- Host IP or Network Address Object

- IP range Address Object

- DNS Named Objects via FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)

- Geography (Country)-Based Address Object

- Wildcard Address Object

- Miscellaneous Address Object Options

- Address Group Objects

- Service Objects

- Service Group Objects

- Schedule Objects

- Schedule Group Objects

• Multicast Rules

• IPv6 Rules

• Local-In Firewall Rules

• Miscellaneous Firewall Settings

- Session-ttl (Session Timers)

- Session Helpers/ALG (Application Level Gateways)

- Asymmetric Handling

- NAPT (Network Address & Port Translation)

- Source IP and source port translation ...

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