UX Design Process Simplified from User Research to Usability

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There are hundreds of elements involved in a UX Design process and each design firm uses its own version of the implementation. It, therefore, leads to confusion among the beginners about where to start the user experience process.

This project-based course starts off by introducing to you the project that you will be working on throughout the course and understand the concepts as you progress. Your target will be to create and improve the user experience of an e-commerce startup called Frankland. You will learn to determine the starting point among the pool of different aspects to be covered including user interviews, personas, customer journey maps, and defining the scope of the product.

By the end of this course, you’ll have understood the complete UX process and its significance in the website and mobile app development.

What You Will Learn

  • Drive UX process through ideation, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Build personas, journey maps, user stories, and user scenarios
  • Draft affinity diagrams and site maps
  • Draw user flows and implement them
  • Implement user lifecycle funnel - a birds-eye view of the UX process
  • Conduct usability tests including first Impressions and task tests


This course is designed to benefit anyone who wants to learn to design Android app UI including Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Mobile App Designers, UI Designers, UX Designers, newbie designers, and freelancers.

About The Author

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz: Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz started his Freelance Design Career 10 years ago and learned everything the hard way. He went from scratch to end up working for FORTUNE 500 companies like INTEL, PANASONIC, and Coca Cola.

In just 10 years of Serious UI Designing, he made his place on DRIBBBLE. Working with Art Directors from Coca Cola and Project Managers from the UK, he learned a lot in a short period of time. He has also Improved User Experience of UK GP Tools Mobile App, few Games and e-commerce websites and created new Design patterns for showing passwords safely in password fields. Muhammad has also Worked from App Icon Design to App UI Design, from wire-frames, prototypes and Mockups Design. He has a hunger for perfecting User Interface from all aspects. Being a multi-talented person who has won a Gold Medal and a nation-wide Poster Design competition from PANASONIC many Landing Page design contests on 99designs.

Having worked with clients all over the world mostly from the USA, Australia, UK, and United Arab Emirates has taught him a lot on how to deal with clients while freelancing and how to present your work to them.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to the UX Process Course
    1. Introduction to UX Process Course
  2. Chapter 2 : Introduction
    1. Aligning User's mind with the Business and Product
    2. UX Process Steps - Which is related to Users and which to Business?
    3. User Life Cycle Funnel to see broader perspective
    4. UX Facts you must memorize
    5. Define Scope of your Project
    6. User Experience Process at Macro Micro Level
    7. Simple 4 Step UX Process
    8. UX Process Simplified Diagram
    9. Top to Bottom UX Process in Detail
  3. Chapter 3 : User Research and Business Research - Gathering data and making sense of it
    1. Stakeholder Interviews
    2. User Interviews
    3. Work Activity Affinity Diagram
    4. User Personas
    5. Online Tools to create Personas
    6. Empathy Maps
    7. How to do Competitive Analysis?
    8. Feature Matrix - Deciding which features to build first
  4. Chapter 4 : UX Design Process - Models and Diagrams
    1. About Models Diagrams
    2. System Model of your Product
    3. User Journey Maps
    4. User Scenarios
    5. User Stories
    6. Hierarchical Task Inventory Model
    7. Use Case Diagram in UX Process
    8. Task Interaction Models
  5. Chapter 5 : Information Architecture, Card Sorting, Wireframes Prototypes and Detailed Specs
    1. Information Architecture and Card Sorting Technique
    2. Ideation and Quick Sketching
    3. User Flows + Site Maps
    4. User Flow Diagrams and its meanings of its symbols
    5. Creating Wireframes with your UX Design Findings
    6. All about Prototypes
    7. UX Deliverables
  6. Chapter 6 : Usability Testing and Development Phase
    1. Working with Developers as a UX Designer
    2. 4 Major Types of Usability Tests
    3. First Impressions Test (5 Second Test)
    4. Walkaround Usability Test
    5. Essential Tasks Usability Test
    6. User Surveys and Questionnaire

Product information

  • Title: UX Design Process Simplified from User Research to Usability
  • Author(s): Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800208797