A More Complicated Structure

Most Real Products and Services Are Not Simple

In the interest of being a good teacher, I started this book with the fundamental principles of value, diagnosis, and probability, and then proceeded to show some simple, but realistic, examples of how those things can be applied. And I suppose I have been throwing in some tips and tricks along the way.

But enough of that. Let’s talk about some examples that are a little more complicated.

Real-life work usually isn’t made of basic three-screen apps, and ecommerce is only one of many, many, types of businesses—one of the more predictable ones!—so it really wouldn’t be fair to let you think that’s how your real work will look.

As the complexity of your product or service grows, you should be more careful. Each design choice you make becomes more powerful! Not just more powerful in a good way though; also, in a destructive way.

When a Site Is Big, Structure Is Very Important

Structure is very important anyway, but the bigger it gets, the messier it will get unless you are actively managing your designs. From time to time, you need to take the “helicopter view” and consider where all the small changes ...

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