The methodology of user experience design shapes many products and services that surround us on a daily basis. It informs the websites we use, the applications on our mobile phones, the software packages that pervade our worlds, and even the physical products and environments in which we live.

How are these experiences designed to ensure they work seamlessly and easily for users? What are the best practices to follow to ensure an product is useful and usable? User experience design can provide the answers.

User experience — or UX for short — is a field growing in popularity and visibility in business today because great user experiences help ensure that products and services are adopted, used, and even enjoyed by their target users. Although a variety of inputs go into UX design, the practice of UX design is not necessarily complicated. This book shows you how easy it is to get started with designing great UX.

About This Book

You can use this book in a variety of ways. Naturally, you can read the book from start to finish, which will give you a broad understanding of the critical components of UX in a linear fashion. Alternatively, you can use this book as a chapter-by-chapter reference guide — a tool that gives you a better understanding of specific topics, themes, and challenges as you encounter them. You may also choose to read just the first few chapters together to get a basic understanding of UX, and then use the remaining chapters as an ongoing support guide. ...

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