Chapter 1

Defining UX and the Process

In This Chapter

arrow Orienting you to what UX is about and why it’s important

arrow Understanding how to use UX

arrow Defining the various components that comprise the world of UX design

Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.

— Albert Einstein

Maybe you think UX is a high-tech term that applies only to folks who work with computers. And prior to picking up this book, you had no reason to understand anything about UX. Or maybe you develop code for a website and want to learn how to more effectively work with folks in UX. Regardless, it is safe to bet that UX has impacted your life in numerous ways, quite possibly every day or even every hour. If you’ve ever browsed a website, purchased a product online, checked the weather via an app on a smartphone, used an electronic kiosk at an airport to print a ticket, or interacted with an interface on your television to watch a movie, you have touched on the world of UX. There is a UX that surrounds many types of products, from home appliances such as the interface on microwave ovens to the dashboard of your car. Empowering so many of today’s everyday products and digital ...

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