Chapter 4

Modeling the Experience

In This Chapter

arrow Learning what user scenarios are and how to create them

arrow Uncovering the user journey and learning how to harness its power

arrow Understanding the purchasing life cycle of a customer

arrow Evaluating why omnichannel is the future of many user experiences

Everything starts with the customer.

— Louis XIV

UX bases its approach on the user, and in doing so, relies heavily upon how users engage with particular tasks to achieve certain goals. When a user interacts with an experience, she always has a task with an end-goal in mind. The following examples provide different types of goals a user might try to accomplish within a digital experience:

  • Reach a new level in the game she is playing
  • Browse new back-to-school styles, and then purchase a product online
  • Research salaries to see if hers is competitive, using Google
  • Procure instructions using her tablet to connect to a newly purchased smartphone
  • Submit a form to apply for a job
  • Create a user profile when registering a newly purchased product
  • Use a smartphone to shut ...

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