Chapter 6

Taming the Beast: Understanding What You Do and Don’t Have

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an existing experience

arrow Identifying which assets can be leveraged from existing sources

arrow Defining new materials and assets you will need

arrow Prioritizing the assets most critical to the ultimate experience

arrow Building a plan for the scope of the project

We don’t spend enough time up front on projects discussing, assessing, defining and refining the value of what we make. We jump too quickly into design and build before applying rigor to what we make.

— Daniel Szuc

The UX design process centers on the target user and understanding the features, functions, and content that will be the most valuable to her. Yet, after you step back from understanding your target user and modeling her overall experience, you should assess all the other inputs to the design process. This assessment process answers the following questions:

  • If you possess an existing website, mobile ...

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