Chapter 7

Developing Content Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the importance of content

arrow Using content efficiently

arrow Seeing how content inventories and audits can influence your future content solutions

arrow Defining your users' information needs

Content is king.

— Bill Gates

Content strategy is an important discipline within UX. Until recently, however, it did not garner the respect within the digital industry that it does now. Even today, content strategy is sometimes deprioritized in UX solutions. By leveraging best practices of content strategy in your UX effort, you will ensure that your users consume the right type of information, when and how they need to consume it. A solid content strategy framework ensures high-quality, relevant UX for your audience. But before considering the role of content strategy and how this discipline can enhance your ultimate experience, you should first understand the concept of content.

Defining Content and Content Strategy

Simply put, content records an idea or piece of information. This definition may seem simplistic and broad, but practitioners ...

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