Chapter 11

Diving into Visual Design

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the visual design process

arrow Identifying the core components of the visual solution

arrow Getting started on the visual design

arrow Documenting the visual system in a style guide

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

— Edward Tufte

Visual design is the process that takes your UX solution to new levels, by giving it color, photos, and a customized look and feel. Although the wireframes you create in the previous phase (see Chapter 9) start to illustrate your UX solution with respect to basic functions and general layout, the visual design process gives the UX solution true meaningful form in the eyes of users. Think of it like this: The information architecture (IA) solution provides the newly constructed house, but the house doesn’t take shape until the people move in, furnish the place with their personal belongings, and give the house a life of its own by turning it to a home.

The visual design process involves far more than just adding colors to a wireframe. During this process you consider the entirety of the ...

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