Chapter 12

Testing: How It Can Save Your UX

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the basic methods of user testing

arrow Understanding the value of testing in the UX process

arrow Creating a plan for testing your UX solution

Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

— Brenda Laurel

It is no secret that the world of UX is commonly associated with the practice of usability testing. Although UX is a broader practice beyond the field of usability, drawing a parallel between UX and usability is valid. The world of UX focuses on designing solutions with the user at the center and ensuring that the final experience is useful, usable, and compelling. In order to ensure these three criteria are met for any UX solution, the user needs to be included in the process, and the solution needs to be tested.

Many a digital experience has failed in the market because of ineffective user testing — or the lack of testing altogether — during the design process. Yet creating an effective testing plan can feel like a formidable challenge for anyone who is new to the world of UX. To make matters more challenging, there is a constant evolution in popular testing approaches, with online testing software packages on the ...

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