Chapter 15

Ten Reasons Why the User Is Your Most Important Consideration

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the benefits of user-centric thinking

arrow Understanding changes in user behavior

arrow Recognizing the importance of the user

Even the best businesses, products, or services can't compensate for experiences that are poorly designed; selling fantastic products through a terrible e-commerce experience will not retain the masses. If your UX is lacking, it is only a matter of time until your competitors offer similar products or services and deliver them through a better experience.

If you aren't thinking about the role that the user plays in your UX then you're probably headed for disaster. This chapter highlights ten golden rules for understanding that the user — your users — is your most important consideration in UX, and potentially in your business overall.

UX Is Based on User-Centered Design

The practice of UX was borne out of the field of human-computer interaction, which aimed to understand how people most effectively interacted with computers and other technologies. In short, the field of UX puts the user entirely at the center of core interactions with your business, brand, products, ...

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