Chapter 16

Ten Ways to Ensure That Your UX Is Best in Class

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying success metrics for UX

arrow Understanding the role of users

arrow Getting assessments right

arrow Keeping your experience up to date

After you have completed your UX project and launched it to the public, you need to continually monitor it to ensure it is achieving the objectives that were originally defined for it. Furthermore, you need to understand just how well your experience performs compared to your competitors' experiences, or compared to best-in-class experiences that are out there.

Just how good is your UX? What are some ways to ensure that your UX is best in its class? This chapter gives you ten simple rules of thumb. They may not all apply to every type of UX, but taken as a whole, they provide some good guidelines for making sure you create and maintain a great and effective UX.

Ask Your Users

The number-one method for determining how well your UX is performing is based upon your top priority: the users themselves. Asking users about the experience — on an ongoing basis — helps to determine the state ...

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