UX for The Internet of Things

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Get up to speed on UX design for the IoT

By the end of 2015, 4.9 billion connected "things" will be in use, and the one factor that will determine success of these products is the user experience. In this video, six of the smartest people working in design and the IoT share their knowledge, tools, and techniques along with the actionable advice you need to create extraordinary IoT experiences.

"Experience Design for the Internet of Things" was originally presented as a live online event. Now, all six presentations in that event are available to view at your leisure, including:

Getting to simple: Deploying IoT at scale
Pilgrim Beart, Founder, AlertMe.com Ltd.
Explore the underlying factors and trends driving IoT design requirements, with lessons learned—and pitfalls to avoid—from Pilgrim Beart’s experience scaling his Connected Home service into the millions.

Understanding industrial design
Simon King, Design Director, IDEO
Simon uses examples from industrial design to highlight principles and practices relevant to interaction designers and UX professionals. You’ll learn how the fundamental building blocks apply in the present context.

Prototyping experience for connected products
Martin Charlier, Independent Design Consultant
Learn about experience prototyping methods and how they differ from software UX prototypes. Understanding the purpose of your prototype is crucial to selecting the appropriate and most effective method.

User experience and predictive device behavior in the Internet of Things
Mike Kuniavsky, Principal Scientist, PARC
Understand the potential of UX design for dynamic, adaptive, and predictive devices. You’ll learn examples of several different systems and come away with a list of UX challenges for creating behavioral systems.

Interusability: Designing a coherent system UX
Claire Rowland, independent UX/product consultant
Because IoT interactions often span multiple devices that have different capabilities, UX designers can’t just think about designing separate UIs. Claire explains what’s involved in designing a coherent UX for whole systems.

Experience design for IoT security: Lessons from architecture school
Ame Elliott, Design Director, Simply Secure
How do you safeguard the privacy and security of people who use connected home/IoT applications? Ame presents UX designers with lessons from architecture school for designing smart home devices.

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