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Chapter 2. Telnet on the iSeries
Telnet is a protocol that allows you to log on and use a remote computer as though you are
connected directly to it within the local network. The system that you are physically in front of
is the Telnet client. The Telnet server is the remote computer to which the client is attached.
The iSeries supports both the Telnet client and server.
One of the most important Telnet functions is its ability to negotiate the transmission of data
streams between the Telnet client and the server. This type of negotiation makes it possible
for either the client or the server to initiate or honor a request.
Several different emulation types are available for negotiating requests. For iSeries Telnet, the
preferred type is 5250 emulation. iSeries Telnet also supports 3270, and VTxxx type
workstations as well as RFC 2877 (TN5250E) printer support modes.
In this chapter, we discuss the iSeries Telnet implementation.

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