66 V5 TCP/IP Applications on the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
3.4 Resources
This chapter has given you an overview of several methods available to connect your iSeries
to the Internet. For more specific instructions on configuring an Internet connection refer to
Chapter 8, “Connecting your iSeries to the Internet: Scenarios” on page 219.
The following Redbooks may also assist you in the planning, configuration, and management
of your Internet connection:
򐂰 AS/400 Internet Security: Protecting Your AS/400 from HARM in the Internet, SG24-4929
򐂰 AS/400 Internet Security: Developing a Digital Certificate Infrastructure, SG24-5659
򐂰 IBM eServer iSeries Wired Network Security: OS/400 V5R1 DCM and Cryptographic
Enhancements, SG24-6168
򐂰 OS/400 V5R1 Virtual Private Networks: Remote Access to the IBM eServer iSeries Server
with Windows 2000 VPN Clients, REDP0153
򐂰 AS/400 Internet Security: Implementing AS/400 Virtual Private Networks, SG24-5404
򐂰 AS/400 Internet Security Scenarios: A Practical Approach, SG24-5954
Hosting services ISP can also offer hosting services. These services can vary from
providing floor space (co-location) or providing fully managed service.
Monitoring services This service offers 24 X 7 monitoring of a variety of components. These
monitoring components can consist of Web site availability, Web site hits,
Internet performance, and so on.
Consulting services ISPs can offer technical services to provide or supplement technical
expertise. These services can range from network architect and setup to
Web design.
Service Description

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